Hand Knotted Country Carpets, LLC 
  Dee Spangler - Rag Tatter/Retired

  Don Spangler - Designer/Retired

  Mary Rush - Now carrying on the Tradition, demonstrator, instructor
                   and designer.  She has been making rugs since she was 8 and
                   winning awards since she was 10.   This tradition will now
                   continue on for 3 generations with the help of her daughter
                   Misty Rose Rush Hudson, grand-daughter Madison Rose Hudson  
grandson Walker Calvin Hudson.

                   "Mountain Rug Knotting"  2010

                   "Mountain Rag/Rug Knotting"

                   "Mountain Rug Knotting Accesories"  2011

                   "Hand Knotted Country Carpets" by Mary Rush   2014
                      Dedicated to my very wonderful and loving grandson Walker.  He
                      has brought me so much insight and inspiration in making this
                      new DVD easier for everyone (including ones with Special Needs)
                      in making any of the rugs.  I hope and pray that each of you will
                      enjoy our new techniques in this DVD.
                    "Hand Knotted Country Carpets"

 Misty Rose Rush Hudson
                    Craftsman for the hardwood needles and assistance in all      

                          Smokey Mountains          Mountain Home, NC