Hand Knotted Country Carpets, LLC 

Mary Rush is a graduate of Mississippi State University for Women in Columbus,
Mississippi. She has been making rugs since she was 6 and winning awards since
she was 8. She has learned many of the old crafts of crocheting, knitting and
braiding from her 2 grandmothers as well as several Aunts and neighbors and a
very special friend Marjorie Stewart who really encouraged her and taught her
so much.
Her desire is that all ages can easily make their own items as large or small as
they want. The knotted rug is a much stronger rug since there is no sewing as
everything is done using a knot. This technique is often mistaken for braided or
crocheted rugs. This is much easier and faster than crocheting and lends itself
not only to individuals, but families, friends, children and even children and
young adults with disabilities can get involved. There is no counting with this
technique and each design is unique to the person creating and the colors they
are using.
We have both the DVD and book of instructions to instruct you in how to make
coasters, chair pads, placemats, trivets and rugs. As of September 2011, I have
available the instructions for the accessories in a book that is a companion that
will go with the Mountain Rug Knotting book and DVD.